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Welcome, my name is Sylvia Smiser. I am a self taught artist. I enjoy creating one of a kind art dolls and sculpted figures. Vintage Halloween styled artwork and Dia de los Muertos art dolls is what comes naturally to me and what I am most passionate about creating. I am a proud member of the wonderful art groups EHAG (Eclectic Halloween Artists Guild) and PFATT (Primitive Folk Art Talk & Tea). I am a participating artist at Ghoultide Gathering. I am honored to have been published in Art Doll Quarterly, Dolls magazine, Somerset Studio Gallery and Celebrate 365 Magazine. I am also a Physical Therapist and Mama to 15 year old Boy/Girl Twins. My husband is a wonderful man who is very supportive of my art and together with our two doggy fur kids we make one happy, busy family.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

My First Artistic Halloween Queens Bootique Piece

I am bubbling with excitement about joining the Halloween Queens Bootique!  They will be updating Feb. 1st and I want to offer a sneak peak to all of you.
I call this piece "Never Too Late to Find Your Soulmate".  I hope you like him.
There will be so many wonderful works of art by so many talented artists!  I hope to see you at the Bootique!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Twin Valentines!!!! Johanna Parker Giveaway!!!

I know a lot of you have already signed up for this giveaway but for those who have not hurry over to Johanna Parker's Blog
to enter in this wonderful Giveaway. 
Look at this pair of sweethearts. Aren't they adorable?!
Hurry over, she will be posting the winner on Thursday!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Valentine's Day JEWELRY Giveaway! At Lisa Leonards Designs

Hi Everyone,
I found this great blog by Lisa Leonard who makes beautiful handmade sterling silver jewelry. Hurry over and check it out as she is having a giveaway this weekend for $50.00 gift certificate to her store. I'm signing up and I sooo hope I'm one of the two winners chosen!
Happy Valentines Day!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

What's in a name?

Recently I was talking with one of my good friends and she asked me what Anaboo meant. I then realized that she was the first to ask and I explained it as follows:
    You see one of my favorite memories of the kids when they were little toddlers was playing Peak-a-boo. We would giggle for hours (literally, at times) and if you say peak-a- boo many times it begins to morph and change. Especially if the peak-a-boos are coming fast and your trying to keep the magical baby laughter going. So Peak-a- boo became And- a-BOO! That morphed again into An-A- BOO! and finally a really quick ANABOO! In my artwork, I aim to incorporate some of this fun and whimsy, with a bit of the wonder and the magic of a child's laughter when they are happily surprised and just a teeny tiny bit scared/startled.
This is why I chose Anaboo Creations. :) I am still very happy with the name. 
Thanks for asking Angel!