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Welcome, my name is Sylvia Smiser. I am a self taught artist. I enjoy creating one of a kind art dolls and sculpted figures. Vintage Halloween styled artwork and Dia de los Muertos art dolls is what comes naturally to me and what I am most passionate about creating. I am a proud member of the wonderful art groups EHAG (Eclectic Halloween Artists Guild) and PFATT (Primitive Folk Art Talk & Tea). I am a participating artist at Ghoultide Gathering. I am honored to have been published in Art Doll Quarterly, Dolls magazine, Somerset Studio Gallery and Celebrate 365 Magazine. I am also a Physical Therapist and Mama to 15 year old Boy/Girl Twins. My husband is a wonderful man who is very supportive of my art and together with our two doggy fur kids we make one happy, busy family.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I'd like you to meet Betty Barn Owl, created for the EHAG/PFATT "Screampunk" Art Challenge.

Hello Friends, I'd like to introduce you to Ms. Betty Barn Owl.  Betty has faced many challenges in her life but she has emerged a survivor with a strong and loyal spirit.
She is my "Screampunk" Art Challenge piece.  This art challenge was created for the members of both PFATT and EHAG art groups.  The challenge was to create a piece that combines Steampunk and Halloween! 

This challenge was so much fun! 
Betty will be available on EBAY starting tonight.  Her auction will end Sunday night. 
I hope you will stop by and read the story of how she became a Magical Owl.
CLICK HERE to go to her auction.

My Inspiration.

Please make sure you look up Screampunk on EBAY and check out the EHAG emporium on the 31st for more challenge pieces by several of my super talented artist friends.
I feel very fortunate to be included as all of the challenge pieces I have seen are amazing! 
Have a wonderful week! 
Sylvia : )

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Lucky! Lucky! Lucky!

Sometimes when I am looking for vintage scraps of fabric and trim I will look through what's available locally in our antique shops and antique malls.  But sometimes I feel like perusing EBAY for extra special finds.  
In some ways EBAY has been as much of a social network as Facebook.  You see, I purchased a lovely set of vintage velvet samples and ribbon from Ebay seller lily-jean.  In our communications I found out that she was keen on clearing her space. So as we chatted over e-mail I let her know that I am a doll maker and love to use vintage trims/fabrics when possible. Sooo she sent me photos of the things she had for me to chose from! 
Why is this so special you ask? Well Jean is a designer and a dressmaker and has lots of scraps of vintage fabrics and laces! So I sent her a very reasonable amount of money and she sent me a magical package full of goodies!!! The lot I got dates from 1890-1920, perfectly my style.  I spent over an hour going through each piece and admiring the silky feel, the luxurious texture and all the unique detail of these lovely scraps. Of course this put my creative mind into overdrive! 
I highly recommend Jean to all my doll maker friends who also use vintage fabric in their dolls. 
You can visit Jean's website here Jean Dubberley Designer & Dress maker and you can check out her current EBAY auctions here: lily-jean
If you do make contact with Jean please tell her Hello from Me : )
As I consider her my newest friend in the UK.

Thank you so very much Jean for the treasures you sent me!!! 

Monday, March 12, 2012

SCREAMPUNK!!!! EHAG & PFATT Combined Challenge

Hi Everyone! I hope you are all doing well and staying busy with what you love.
I have been very busy in the studio lately! This is my next endeavor.  I will be creating a one of a kind Screampunk doll.  
What is Screampunk you ask? Well it's a combination of steampunk (victorian-technology) and Halloween!!! 
What am I making?
 Well, I will give you some hints...it's a SHE.  I have her head sculpted and attached to her body, I have to make WINGS.  Then finish her by painting her and dressing her. Once she is done she will be listed on EBAY the last week of March.  I will post a sneak peak for you once she is done. 
Any Guesses?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Catrina Day of the Dead Primavera Doll

New Catrina Day of the Dead Primavera Doll.  Just in time for this months PFATT Marketplace. 
She is a one of a kind cloth and clay doll that is up for grabs when the PFATT Marketplace updates this Saturday 3/10 at 10 a.m. Pacific Time. 
Miss Catrina Primavera is a tall slender lady.  She is 21 1/2 inches tall and carries a Rosca (A traditional DOD bread/pastry).  Her dress is made of a Papel Picado pattern also a traditional DOD decoration.  These decorations typically hang in someones home like streamers only they are very detailed cut out images on tissue paper.  Her outfit also incorporates antique trims and lace to give her a vintage old world feel. 
Her arms are posable and she stands in a doll stand (included) or she can sit on a shelf if you prefer. 
After her photo shoot all she can do is dream about her new home.
We hope to see you at the PFATT Marketplace this Saturday!