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Welcome, my name is Sylvia Smiser. I am a self taught artist. I enjoy creating one of a kind art dolls and sculpted figures. Vintage Halloween styled artwork and Dia de los Muertos art dolls is what comes naturally to me and what I am most passionate about creating. I am a proud member of the wonderful art groups EHAG (Eclectic Halloween Artists Guild) and PFATT (Primitive Folk Art Talk & Tea). I am a participating artist at Ghoultide Gathering. I am honored to have been published in Art Doll Quarterly, Dolls magazine, Somerset Studio Gallery and Celebrate 365 Magazine. I am also a Physical Therapist and Mama to 15 year old Boy/Girl Twins. My husband is a wonderful man who is very supportive of my art and together with our two doggy fur kids we make one happy, busy family.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Magical Mad Tea Party & GIVEAWAYS!!!

Hello and Welcome one and all! 
The last time we met I shared that this curious fellow had come to vist my garden and remind me to work feverishly on all the preparations for the tea party.
How exciting to have all my Blogland friends return for this years tea party! 
Welcome!  WELCOME!!!

Well I lost track of the white rabbit but I did happen upon a very strange scene.
I found a girl sleeping in the forrest by a spooky grumpy tree.  The tree was definitely upset about something...
 So upset and angry that he woke the poor girl with a startle.
"What did you do, you foolish girl" 
"I am not foolish! and my name is Alice." She responded.
"Well, Alice you just drank some of the liquid in that blue bottle then spilt in next to me and shrunk us both!" " What have you done!  I was the King of the Forest and now even the flowers will laugh at me"
Alice was advising the old tree on how to find his muchness when she heard something over her shoulder.
"That's not the REAL Alice! She stepped on us and crushed us before she shrank, Alice would never do such a thing!"

Alice apologized profusely as she left them to bicker amongst themselves.

She was hopeful that she could find her way back home from this crazy curious world.  I think I heard one of the flowers say that the Witch could tell me how to get home.  I must find the Witch.
She searched everywhere, under every rock and mushroom.
Finally she saw something in the distance and ran towards it!
She was tired but determined!
 To find out what was going on.

What she saw was Magical, Wonderful, and Amazing! 
Suddenly she heard a screech say "Who are you and what do you want here!"
 "My my name is Alice and I was told that you would be able to tell me how to get home".
Once Alice explained what happened with the tree and the flowers the Witch was excited!
She had been having to fly way around that Huge Grumpy Old Tree and was so grateful to Alice for shrinking him that she invited her to stay for the Mad Tea Party.  She also told her the secret to get home.
Alice did not want to be rude so she stayed and had a great time!
The Witch was such a gracious hostess.
There were so many goodies!
There's that silly White Rabbit.  There were so many famous guests in attendance.
The music was delightful! 
Woodford the Singing Cat by Shannon Martinez of GrannyWolf Original Art Dolls
A Wonderful time was had by all...
The White Rabbit by Debbie Garlem
The Mad Hatter by Rebecca Miller Campbell.
The Prim Pumpkins Audrey & Baby by Jennie Hepler.
Jack-O-Lantern Tea set by Cyndi LaChance of Holiday Sparkle.
Alice By Mandy Bennett Broome of Fiddlestix Studios
Beatrice Bunny by Sylvia Smiser of Anaboo Creations
Beatrice is available in my Etsy shop.
Grumpy Old Tree by Patrick Gill of Cre8tors Touch.
Milk Maid by Jan Bush-Wood.
The Witch by Sylvia Smiser of Anaboo Creations
The Witch will be available on the Halloween Queens Castle Bootique update on the 1st.
Now for the GiveawayS...
First, you can win this one of a kind Alice Totem ornament made by me. Alice, Cheshire Cat and tiny silver teapot.
You can win one of these flowers also by Sylvia Smiser of Anaboo Creations.
Lastly, I'm giving away a teeny tiny silver tea set. 
As you can see, there will be several winners.  
You have multiple chances to enter. 
1. Leave a comment on this blog. Please leave me a way to get a hold of you if you are the winner.  E-mail address or Blog address.
2. Become a follower of this Blog.
3. "Like" Anaboo Creations on Facebook.
4. "Heart" my Anaboo ETSY shop.
5. Please leave a separate comment letting me know that you have done each of the above so I have an accurate number to enter into the random number generator.
The Winners will be chosen on July 5th. Good Luck!!!
If I don't hear back from the winners by July 10th I will pick another winner.

Lastly, I want to take this moment to Thank Ms. Vanessa Valencia of A Fanciful Twist for hosting this magical Blog event. Please click on the link above to continue the journey around the world visiting all the other Mad Mad Tea Parties! Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you have enjoyed your adventure here.  Have Fun on your Travels...
Sylvia : )

Monday, June 20, 2011

Did you see that?! Where do you suppose he is going?

I came home from a busy day at work and decided to sit and relax to enjoy the weather outside when I saw a curious character peaking around from one of the planters! 
Is that?!  Is that?!!!  It's the white rabbit!!!!!!!!!! 
He must be here to remind me that I have to finish all the preparations for the Mad Tea Party on Saturday.
Please stop by for some tea if you get a moment and leave me a comment to say Hello and Good day. 
I will have a couple, maybe three, giveaways, not sure which. But I do believe it will be worth a peak.
Hope to see you back here Saturday Afternoon.
For now I must bid you adieu as I must get busy, busy, busy!
Have a Magical Week!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


The most exciting Charity auction is going on now on EBAY!!!  PFATT is doing a fund raiser for Breast Cancer! That's right to save the Tata's.  It has just gone live and will run for a week.  If you get a chance take a peak. So many talented artists put in so much time and hard work to make pink ornaments to decorate a white feather tree and it looks Gorgeous!

Here is the link if you have time to stop in and check it out! PFATT Charity Auction Link

There's my little black and pink Boo Bee on the top right : )  I do hope this auction does well. 
Have a great evening everyone,

Thursday, June 9, 2011

WHOOOO Says Trick Or Treating Is Just For Kids...

Meet Ollie.  He is so ready to go Trick or Treating. : )
I really hope nobody tells him he has to wait a few months.
Ollie is my newest creation and he will be available on the PFATT MARKETPLACE
Tomorrow June 10th at 10 a.m. PST when the update occurs. 
Have a wonderful rest of the week : )