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Welcome, my name is Sylvia Smiser. I am a self taught artist. I enjoy creating one of a kind art dolls and sculpted figures. Vintage Halloween styled artwork and Dia de los Muertos art dolls is what comes naturally to me and what I am most passionate about creating. I am a proud member of the wonderful art groups EHAG (Eclectic Halloween Artists Guild) and PFATT (Primitive Folk Art Talk & Tea). I am a participating artist at Ghoultide Gathering. I am honored to have been published in Art Doll Quarterly, Dolls magazine, Somerset Studio Gallery and Celebrate 365 Magazine. I am also a Physical Therapist and Mama to 15 year old Boy/Girl Twins. My husband is a wonderful man who is very supportive of my art and together with our two doggy fur kids we make one happy, busy family.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy Halloween Blog Party and GIVEAWAY!!!

Hello Dear Friends, 
I had planned to share a big Halloween Party with you that was going to take place here in my home. But Alas, my chill has spread to my little pumpkin children and we need to stay warm and cozy so that we are bright eyed and healthy for All Hallow's Eve. 
However, I certainly will not miss this Halloween blog event. So I thought, what better Halloween Party is there to share than Ghoultide Gathering!  I have not had a chance to post photos yet, so today, I will share the biggest Artful Halloween Party there is! 
I have been fortunate enough to attend this gathering the last three years and each year it gets better and better! 
So come with me and I will be your tour guide to this magical event. 
But first, I want to offer you a special treat. After all, a Halloween Party is not a Party without a treat. 
This year's treat is a special one of a kind ornament that YOU can WIN!

I created this little baby punkin especially for this event.  She is one of a kind and she could be yours.
Details at the end of the post.

For those ready to begin the journey climb into this giant pumpkin blossom.  Come on!  Follow me.

Slide all the way down until you land in the most magical place you will ever experience, Ghoultide Gathering!
Please Be careful on landing.  We don't want to wake the tombstones.  They can be quite grumpy if woken prematurely. But don't mind them, there are so many more friendly faces than grumpy faces here. 
Wait, here is a couple of really nice guys!
 Excuse me dear Sir, could you remind me where we should go to join the party?

Oh Yes, Here we go. Let's all line up to get our tickets to the FUN!
OK. Does everyone have their ticket? Yes, well wonderful lets get in line to see all the goodies. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I'm sooo excited!!! 
Oh boy which line do we get in first!

Can you hear the lovely Folky music, the young gentleman on the far right hidden by the corn stalks was playing an old tin bucket!
Evil One - by the Appleseed Collective
So now that you know what it sounds like at Ghoultide Gathering let me tell you how it smells...It is a wonderful mix of Hot apple cider, Hot chocolate, Kettle corn, pumpkin fudge and little mini chocolate cupcakes with little jack-o-lanterns made out of yummy frosting. Yumm!
This is a Party for all of your senses!
Next your sense of sight will be tantalized with all the magic and mystery that the Ghoulies use to create their magical pieces.
First up some gorgeous works by Scott Smith.
Paul Gordon
Sheila Bently
Wonderful Hags & Witches

Debra Schoch
Hop Hop Jingle Boo
Katherine Webber
Laurie Hardin
Monkey-Cat Studio
Allen Cunningham

Kristen Beason
Nicol Sayre

 Jerry and Darla Arnold
Pam Gracia
Soft in the Head
 William Bezek

 Vergie Lightfoot
 Aaron Lowe
Joyce Stahl
In the Orange Enchanted Tent
Johanna Parker
Thank you all so very much for the passion you put into your art work!
The Ghoultide Witches and Wizards that cast their magic spells that make Ghoultide Gathering the best Halloween Party in the world!

Only some of the artists are represented in this blog post. There are so many others that participate and show wonderful magical pieces but the time goes so fast that it's difficult to get to and see everyone.
 I hope you have enjoyed your visit to Northville, MI with me. 
Thank you to Benita Giacherio for sharing your photos of the artists' tables.

Now back to the Giveaway...

1. To enter to win this sweet little baby Punkin, a one of a kind Halloween Folk Art ornament, you can leave a comment below.
2. If you'd like another chance to win her simply sign up to follow this blog.
3. A third chance comes to you for liking Anaboo Creations on Facebook.
4. Fourth Chance to win her comes by going to my ETSY and adding my shop to your favorites.
Psssst use the coupon code: HalloweenParty40 for 40% off my ETSY shop!
Lastly, 5. and 6. if you spread the word about this giveaway and post the photo of little Miss Punkin Pie on your blog or facebook with a link back to this post you will earn another 2 entries into the witches caulderon. 
One winner will be chosen, so the more entries you have the better your chances. 
The winner will be chosen 1 week from today.
Please make sure you leave a way for me to get a hold of you should you be chosen as the winner.
Good Luck and Happy Hauntings!

I am off to visit all the other Halloween Blog Parties!
Click on the link to her blog, A FANCIFUL TWIST, above to visit the other Halloween Party participants.
(((BIG Halloween HUGS)))


  1. Wow, how exciting! Wish I could of actually been there it looks like amazing fun. Thank you for sharing this creating, such a treat!

    happy Halloween

  2. Thank you for the peek into Ghoultide Gathering. Oh, I'd love to go one day. I managed to go to Halloween & Vine once year, that was lovely. And I'm very happy to "Like" you on Facebook, it's the best way to keep track of my favorite artists, crafters, etc.
    I've been so busy I didn't manage to get a link in to Vanessa's lovely fete but I did put up a party post on my blog if you have a chance to stop by for a visit. http://beachtreasure.blogspot.com/2011/10/halloween-party-post-harvest-tea-party.html

  3. I would love to win your pumpkin. I'm a follower here and on Facebook and on Etsy ..... omg I'm a stalker! ... LOL. Sylvia, I'm also giving away an ornament on my blog so make sure you enter!

  4. Oh, Sylvia, she is just so precious!! My mom used to call me pumpkin head (my birthday is a few days shy of Halloween)!!


  5. I've been a follower of your fabulous work/blog for awhile now :)


  6. Your Etsy Shop is already a favorite of mine ♥


  7. I shared on FB (we're friends so you'll see the post :) )


  8. Oh, I hope you and your little ones feel better fast so they can have fun on Halloween!

    Thank you for sharing the Ghoultide Gathering - it is totally something I would LOVE to attend!

    Enjoy the rest of the party and stop by when you have time:


  9. Wow, that looks like an awesome event! I adimre many of those artists! I adore your little punkin and think your super talented! I am off to visit your facebook page and etsy shop!


  10. Great displays thanks for sharing. Your pumpkin creation is darling.
    Take care,


  11. Oh, I bet that is so fun in person! Hope your littles get better soon.

  12. I follow your blog on The Hive but wasn't sure if that counted so I signed up for email subscription.

  13. I already follow you on Facebook under my real name Jennifer T.

  14. I already made your shop a favorite as sassypackratstudios.

  15. your party was wickedly fun! thanks for having me!
    Happy Halloween
    lisa by the bay

  16. It would be fabulous to win one of your pieces! But I'll gladly share the giveaway via FB, as always. I already follow you on this blog, FB and A.C. Thanks so much for a tour of Ghoultime Gatherings. In October, I had the pleasure of meeting Allen in Sanford, FL - he's a delight and has amazing work! Hope to see your work in person, soon!

  17. I hope the witches and wizards cast a spell so your little goblins are healthy in no time. Wonderful photos of what looks like a spectacular event.

  18. What fun and so very festive! Love all those beautiful pieces in the photos :)

    Thanks for stopping by my party - very much appreciated!

    Happy Halloween!

  19. Thanks for the amazing journey party! What an amazing space! Come visit us too!


  20. I love the Ghoultide Gathering! How I wish I could have stopped by in person. All the decorations are so lovely. Thank you for posting the pics. It inspire me to create some Halloween decorations for next year!


  21. What a beautiful party! I love it! I love all the wee pumpkin friends, they are delightful!


  22. favorited you on esty.. liked your facebook with my real name, Shelly Dodson-Chandler.

    i do so hope your little ones feel better soon! had a wonderful time at your party!!


  23. I would love to win!

  24. Follower now and would love a follow back!

    Come see my party!

  25. Oh my gosh Sylvia!!! Pumpkin baby is adorable!!! She would be happy at my house! Like you on FB....of course you are a fav on my Etsy.....and think I just posted Anaboo to my page (if I did it right!). :). I will keep my fingers crossed!

    Happy Halloween! And loved your GG pix!


  26. Thanks for letting me spend some time here. If you get a chance, please jump on your broom stick and head my way.



  27. I just told my husband we need to attend this gathering next year, I'd love it! I've been under the weather too, I hope you & yours are feeling better soon! Thanks so much for the chance to win that adorable pumpkin! I've also followed your blog. Happy Halloween to you & yours! Hope you'll drop by, http://digginaround.blogspot.com/2011/10/time-is-upon-us-once-again.html

  28. Hey sweetie pie, please include me in you give-away! Robert~ Halloween Fanatic

  29. Wow! SO much eye candy here, Sylvia! That was a fabulous party post! I just adore your little ornie. :)

    Please feel free to visit my party:

    Enjoy the festivities! :) Theresa

  30. I follow your blog, and I like your Facebook, too! :) I also like your etsy shop (but my favorites are listed as private). :)

  31. Hi Sylvia,
    Always so nice to catch up with you this time of year! What a treat to see all those artists! Would of course love to win your sweet baby punkin....

  32. and I'm a long-time follower...

  33. your etsy is one of my faves....

  34. and I'm posting your giveaway on my blog right now! (Sorry, don't do facebook)
    Happy Halloween Sylvia!

  35. What a lovely post! And I doooo so want Miss Punkin! She is soooo cute! Happy Halloween!

  36. OOOoh, ahhhhhhhh! What awesome creations! I epsecially like the witch by N. Sayre! Such fun and whimsy! Please stop by for tea & treats~

  37. I would love, LOVE to go to that wonderful Show someday! Great pics of wonderful artists!

    Your little Punkin is awfully sweet, too!
    I hope you and your little ones are feeling better....too much fun to be had...no time to be sick ;P

  38. ....and now I'm a happy follower, too!

  39. what a magical post! happy halloween!!!


  40. Ghoultide Gathering sounds amazing, I don't think they do anything like that here in the UK, I wish they did. I'd be there like a shot!


  41. Lots of spooky fun. I hope you and your pumpkins get well soon.

  42. What fun, what treats, what treasures!! Thank you sooo much for going out of your way when everyone in your house in under the weather!

    The trip to Ghoultide Gathering was awesome, a great peek into all the magic! Your ornament in beyond sweeeet!

    Thank you again Sylvia!!

    ♥ Vanessa (A Fanciful Twist)

  43. Oooooooo What fun that was!Thank you for a wonderful time.Sweet creations.Thanks also for coming to my party.Count me in for that darling pumpkin giveaway.Your new friend and follower.I am also on FB so I am going to"friend" you.Yippee! Thats three chances for me :)

  44. That all looks like so much fun! And your ornament is just the sweetest!

  45. Thanks for inviting me to your party, The party/show looks absolutely magical. I love the scary guy exploding out of the headstone, hehe and your sweet lil pumkin is gorgeous ♥
    I had a wonderful time!
    Come by and visit mine if you have some time,
    Happy Halloween !!!!

  46. oh, and I am you lateste stalker...ehhh... follower now too, hihihi

  47. What a delicious feast of creativity! So lovely of you to share the photos of all of the fantastic crafts and goodies as well.

    Have a wickedly wonderful Halloween!

  48. I just love fall events where artists get to show their talent. My arms would be full with halloween goodies.

    Happy Halloween,

  49. Hi Sylvia,

    I am in Halloween heaven now. Thanks so much for sharing all these wonderful photos!

    Thanks for the chance to give your sweet little pumpkin a new home. :)

    Greetings from Germany,

  50. Oh my goodness!! There were so many talented artists! What fun it must have been to attend, but then we got to attend through your eyes and it was ever so delightful and I really had a lot of fun sliding down the pumpkin flower.
    Thanks for the fun party!!

    xoxo Cori

  51. I LOVE little baby Pumpkin and would be happy to give her a good home!

    Dixienites@ gmail.com

  52. I followed your blog!

    Dixienites@ gmail.com

  53. I "liked" Anaboo Creations on Facebook!

    Dixienites@ gmail.com

  54. I posted a pic of baby pumpkin on my Facebook page!

    Thanks for the giveaway,

    Dixienites@ gmail.com

    Enchanting Decor & Adorable Pumpkin.
    Please fly by party when you can...
    Hauntingly Yours, Lyndy >^..^<

    Princess Diana's Wedding Ring Giveaway & Halloween Party:

  56. What a FUN FUN party!!!! Love all the decorations!
    Happy Halloween :)

  57. Oh, I just LOVE this little pumpkin!!! The gathering sounds amazing! So many fabulous artists!

  58. What a cute lil pumpkin and a really fun blog post! I would love to go there some time! Such amazing work! Thanks for sharing!!


  59. I'm already a follower else wise however would I have found this - I guess through the blog party - but I didn't have time to participate this year so I've only been able to take time to see the posts of the people I already follow. Lovely as usual dear! tlabunski **((gmail))**
    Pabkins @ Mission to Read

  60. Sylvia,
    thank you so much for sharing the Wonderfully Spooky Ghoultide Gathering Event. I would love to one day see it up close, but your pictures helped to take me there this year. What a Wonderfully Haunted Party.
    I am headed to your Etsy shop now, to see what goodies are in store for me.
    Please stop by and visit for a Mad Halloween Tea Party....We would love to have you stop in....
    Have a Happy Halloween
    Spells and Wishes
    Wendy from Wonderland

  61. Lucky duck getting to attend! Hope you can stop by my enchanted oven for some party sweets.

  62. Sincerest apologies for my delay in thanking you kindly for dropping by my Halloween Party post! The skeletons have had dreadful tummy aches & that darn broom flew off on its own again :o)

  63. Thanks for hosting this sweet giveaway. Baby Punkin is adorable.

  64. I liked Anaboo Creations on Facebook.

  65. Wonderful Halloween artworks, what a talented bunch of folks! Loving the party :) happy Halloween!

  66. Am I late??? I would love to add your baby pumpkin to my collection Sylvia!

    Halloween greetings!

  67. I hope I'm not to late for the party! I've got all the connections with favorites and likes and now have my fingers,toes and eyes crossed that I may be the lucky girl to see your little Pumkin come dangle on my Halloween tree ;-}

    Your pictures of Ghoultide are awesome and I'm really hoping to get there next year!

    Happy Halloween to you and your family!

  68. Your ornie is adorable, and I'd be honored to have him grace my Halloween tree! I'm a follower here on your blog, and on Facebook. And, I'm on my way over to your Etsy shop to see if you are a favorite of mine. .if not, you soon will be!!

    Thanks SO much for sharing the Ghoultide photos! It is a very magical event, for sure!

  69. Wooooo Hooooooo! Nothing like sliding in here at the last moment in a swirl of dust and sparkles!! Sorry I'm late to the party, Sylvia...I just happened to see this on fb and I didn't want to miss out on all of the magic an fun! What a great post! Your ornie is so adorable! I would LOVE to give him a good, Halloweenie lovin' home, soooo (if I'm not too late) go ahead and toss my name into the magic cauldron!
    Happy Halloween Sylvia!!!!
    (Finally! Our long awaited time has arrived)


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